General functions

  • step() Returns the current step number as an intinf
  • RealToIntInf d r Converts the real value r to an with d digits after the decimal point
  • IntInfToReal d ii Converts the value ii to an real with d digits after the decimal point
  • CPN'Replications.nreplications n Runs n simulation replications for n>1

Functions in timed simulations

The type of model time is infinite integer ( in SML Basis Library) or reals (depending on model options).

  • time() Returns the current model time (as an infinite integer) in timed CPNs
  • ModelTime.toString t Converts model time value t to a string
  • ModelTime.fromString st Converts a string representation of an integer st to a time value, i.e. an infinite integer
  • ModelTime.fromInt i Converts an integer i into a time value.
  • ModelTime.add(t1,t2) Adds the two time values t1 and t2
  • ModelTime.sub(t1,t2) Subtracts the time value t2 from t1
  • ModelTime.mult(t1,t2) Multiplies the two time values t1 and t2
  •,t2) Less than function for time values
  • ModelTime.cmp(t1,t2) Comparison function for time values t1 and t2 that returns an SML order value, e.g. LESS, GREATER or EQUAL
  • ModelTime.col cts Returns the color value of cts which is a color value paired with a time stamp
Simulation stop criteria

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