Much of this information is internal documentation. Care has not been made to make links work and make the documentation conprehensible for outsiders.

Every string wich is not send from the simulator should not be hardcoded. There exists a file, cpntools/Langauge/default.txt, which holds all of these strings. To access any of those string, one must know the name of the corresponding constant; Say one would like the text, which appear in the marking entry when cloning an item, this constant is called NamesPageMenuCloneItem. It represents a number, which can be used to find the corresponding text in the txt-file.

The constants are defined in the files in cpntools/resources/texts/, as constant patterns e.g. 'NamesPageMenuCloneItem: (# exit 1028 #);'. Care should be taken to avoid number-collisions and to use descriptive names for the constants.

The idea behind this is offcause to support multiple language by simple changing the default.txt file.