Much of this information is internal documentation. Care has not been made to make links work and make the documentation conprehensible for outsiders.

Our development platform is PC's running Windows 2000.

  • Support –

If you have problems and you need help from the staff, please contact Rasmus Vedel [vedel] or Jakob Roland Jakob Roland]. You might want to read the [[OutDated_Outdateds_problems_(click_here)|OutDated Outdateds problems (click here)]] page first, though.

  • Hardware –
  • 8 PC workstations: HP Kayak XW PII Xenon 450 9.1GB SCSI fx6 CD-RW

Model: D6797T ABA

HP runs a User Group Web where you can find som additional info on the Kayak machines.

Note (sep99): some of the links above are broken due to HP's redesign of their Web site. Also, the Kayak-XW line is discontinued.

  1. New Kayak

home page. The XU seems the closest to our

  machines, but they don't use the fx cards anymore.
- Spec sheet for the [[|fx6]]
  graphics card.
- Spec sheet for the new 
  graphics card, available only on the 
  [[| X-Class Visualize]] workstations, and
  comparing the fx2+, fx4+ and fx6+.
- [[|HP Desktops PC Cafe]], 
  HP's users forum.

Also, all our machines now have the texture memory extension (except 1 that was DOA).

  • - Tests —

There are some standard benchmark evaluation tools available for testing OpenGL 3D performance. I have run some of the tests, the results can be found at Testing. / sm

I have also run a series of more specific benchmark tests - results are on Benchmarks. /[sm]

  • Software –
  1. OS: win2k
  1. Microsoft office
    1. Office 2000 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

  1. Microsoft Studio C++
    1. We need linker, debugger and libs.

    2. Visual C++ Professional 6.0

- BETA development environment

  1. Please set the following environment variables by default:

1. CVSROOT=ariel:/users/beta/.CVSHOME

  • SML development environment
    • SML version 110.0.7
    • Directions for installing sml, patching the sml compiler, and building the simulator are saved in the cpn2000 repository. The patch and the directions are both found in …\\cpn2000\\sml\\.
    • It is not necessary for BETA programmers to install sml or to compile the simulator, as the simulator image is managed under CVS.
    • See hints and tips about using SML.

OpenGL/X support allows Windows applications to take advantage of

  1. Emacs
    1. version 20.6/20.7

- Shell

  1. Cygwin bash shell

    1. The 'official' Tcl site is

Scriptics ( is the company founded by Ousterhout

	   (the author of Tcl) to sell Tcl products.
  1. CVS client version 1.10

or / Peter Andersen

  1. Perl 5.004_04 or later / pa
  1. Standard tools
    1. Acrobat Reader (Ver. 3.0)

    2. Acrobat Distiller (preferably)

    3. GhostView

    4. Eudora

    5. WinZip

- Backup

  1. Automatic backup of files on Unix

  2. ADSM! Please contact vedel Rasmus or for instructions

  • Administrative
    1. TCP/IP (…)

    2. Regional settings (timezone DK etc)

    3. Boot sequence

    4. BIOS setup (no boot from disk)

    5. McAfee (Virus protection)

    6. Create an user with administrative rights for cpn2000-group

* Printers –

  1. Default there will be drivers for the following printers installed:
    1. caplan, coplan (5342.222)

  • - Names & IP info —
User Name Machine Name IP Adr
? Wiggum
? Patty
? Burns
Anne\\avratzer Smithers
? Selma
? Skinner
Michel\\mbl Milhouse
? Barney
Henry-Michael\\hml Apu
Mads\\mads Princess
  • -

Maybe this link can help understand the names choosen for the machines: Simpsons Archive.

  • -