Much of this information is internal documentation. Care has not been made to make links work and make the documentation conprehensible for outsiders.

This page contains outlines of the formal presentations given about the projects, with links to the slides.

  • - 2 February 1999: Kick-off meeting —

See Slides from 990202.

Michel presented an overview of the project, including hardware, software and manpower, the block diagram and timeline of the project, and an overview of the Wiki server.

  • - 28 April 1999: Internal review —

See Summary slides from 990428.

Michel, Anne, Stephanie, Stephane, Michael, Paul and Kasper presented an overview of their work on the project and short term plans.

This was in preparation of HP's May review (see below).

  • - 26 May 1999: HP review —

See Summary slides from 990526.

An updated version of the April internal review, with slides from Michel, Anne, Paul, Kasper, Stephanie and Michael.

Several demos were also given (some of them might still be available - see prototypes).

  1. Rendering text
  2. Loading a CPN model (with one module)
  3. Using toolglasses
  4. Using magnetic guidelines
  5. Evaluating graphics performance
  6. Using the Wiki web site
  • - 19 August 1999: CPN Tour —

Presentation of the design process (Wendy) and the current design (Michel).

The slides were reused for the presentation to HP on 30 Aug 99 (see below).

  • - 30 August 1999: HP visit —

Presentation to Janice Bogorad. The slides requires a browser that supports JavaScript and the PNG image format.

The first 6 slides from “Design Problem” to “Evaluation” come from Wendy's presentation at the CPN Tour 19 Aug 99, the next 12 slides “Design Principles” to “Customization” come from Michel's presentation at the CPN Tour. The last 5 slides present an overview of the current state of the project and a sketch for the forthcoming year.

Several demos were also given (some of them may still be available - see prototypes):

  1. Using magnetic guidelines for layout
  2. 6 prototypes from the CPN tour and forthcoming CPN

workshop evaluation: floating palettes, toolglasses

  and marking menus for creating and editing attributes.
- Workspace manager Tcl mock-up
- Hierarchichal marking menus (Tcl mock-up)
  • - 12 October 1999: Demo at CPN Workshop —

This was the first public presentation of the new CPN editor/simulator. See the script for Oct99 demo.

  • - 13 January 2000: Demo at Alexandra meeting —

This was a short demo of the October 99 version to members of the Alexandra research company. A Danish version of the summary was published in the Alexandra newsletter. It includes a screendump of the tool.

  • - 14 February 2000: Public demo at Univ. Aarhus —

This was the demo of the “Santa release”, to be used by our first “real” users. See the script for Feb00 demo.

The demo was followed by a meeting of the steering committee. See the Slides from 000214 presented by Calendar].

  • - 8 June 2000: Demo for Microsoft at Univ. Aarhus —

We had visitors from Microsoft in the context of their funding for COM support and drivers for input devices. Michel provided an overview talk of the tool and status of the COM/drivers work (see slides). Several tool demos were also performed.

  • - 12 September 2000: Demo at opening of Center for Pervasive Computing —

See Demo - Center for Pervasive Computing

  • - 8 March 2001: Demo at HCI course —

Anne presented the tool at the Human Computer Interaction course, run by Olav Bertelsen. Focus was on the interaction techniques and use of the tool. See the Script for HCI course demo.

  • - 14 March 2001: Demo for HP at Univ. Aarhus —

We had visitors from HP. Anne and Mads did a demo of the tool. See the script for March01 demo.

  • - 21 March 2001: Demo for operational analysts —

Anne presented the tool at a course (primarily) for operational analysts, run by Kim Halskov Madsen. Focus was on the graphical representation and simulation of CP-nets, including a short intro to CP-nets. See the Script for demo March 21, 2001.

  • - August 2002: Demo at CPN Workshop —

Michael presented the tool at the CPN Workshop. See Script for CPN Workshop 2002

  • - 20 October 2002: Demo in connection with NordiChi 2002 —

Anne presented the tool at an open day event at the IT-park in connection with NordiChi 2002. Focus was on interaction techniques and graphical features of the tool. See the Script for NordiChi 2002 Open Day demo.

  • - 20 February 2003: Demo at dDistSik course —

Anne presented the tool at the course in Distributed Systems and Security. Focus was on the functionality of the tool, including an intro to CP-nets. See Script for dDistSik Course 2003

  • - 21 March 2003: Demo at HCI Course —

Once again we were invited to demo the tool at the HCI course, with focus on interaction techniques and development of the tool. Anne did the demo, see Script for HCI Course 2003

  • - 21 Sept 2006: Demo at dPersp Course —

The CPN group was responsible for one week during the first year course dPersp (Computer Science in Perspective). Two demos were held: one on simulation and one on editing]] See Editing.