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CPN2000 Wiki

This page contains information for developers as well as design documents dating back to early development of CPN Tools.

This is the home page for the cpn2000 Wiki site, to be used as a repository for events, designs, ideas, pointers, etc. There is also a mailing list, which is archived at

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  • - Here are the main entry points for the server —
  1. Project: official project description
  2. People: who is involved in the project
  3. Meetings: summary of passed meetings and agenda for future meetings
  4. Publications: publications planned and made, and conference activities
  5. Presentations: slides used in formal presentations
  6. Calendars: who, when, what, where, why?
  • Support: Guidelines and current staff
  1. Methodology: methods, procedures, and rules for supporting

our work practices

  1. Environment: how is the hardware and software

configuration for the project.

  1. Programming Tools and Environments: Instructions, hints and

tips on how to use various relevant tools and development environments

  1. Prototypes: instructions to run prototypes from the CVS tree.
  2. Versions: A guide to the different versions of the tool
  • Releases: Guidelines and checklists for building releases
  1. Timetables: Proposed timetables leading to major milestones
  • Bug tracking system: Information about the bug tracking system, including how to upgrade to the next version.
  • - Design and implementation pages for next version —
  • New Features: Discussions of new features for the next

version of CPN Tools

  • - Design and implementation pages for version 1.0 —
  1. Interaction Toolkit: Current design for the

software layer that handles graphics and interaction

  1. Abstract Petri Net: Current design for the

software layer that handles the representation of a CPN

  and the interface with the ML simulator.
- [[CPN_Editor|CPN Editor]]: Current design of the new editor.
- [[Design_process|Design process]]: How we design the interface for the 
        new tool.
- [[Design_ideas|Design ideas]]: Ideas and discussions on functionality and interaction.
* [[Design|Design]]: Implemented, how and what.
- [[Implementation|Implementation]]: Writing code.
- [[Documentation|Documentation]]: How to document the work we are doing.

of the new structure.

- [[OpenGL|OpenGL]]: pointers about OpenGL
- [[Papers|Papers]]: background papers about some ideas
  and techniques used and developed in the project.
- [[Ergonomics|Ergonomics]]: Some considerations about ergonomics
  • - Relevant links outside this server —

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