Much of this information is internal documentation. Care has not been made to make links work and make the documentation conprehensible for outsiders.

Checking the bug list

The support staff is also responsible for regularly checking the ToDo list.

  • New bugs (bugs sorted by ID) must be checked, and updated appropriately, i.e. make necessary changes to bug status, type, category, or priority.
  • Important bugs can be brought to the attention of the appropriate person who should fix them, e.g. Michael L. should fix bugs in the framework.

Support Guidelines

Here are some guidelines for handling the questions that are sent to the CPN Tools support mailing list.

  • The Current Support Staff (see below) is responsible for answering all questions that are sent to the mailing list.
  • Make an considerable effort to reply within 24 hours (unless it is the weekend) after receiving a question. The first reply may simply state that the question has been received, and that a proper answer should be sent within the next 1-2 business days.
  • If you don't understand a question/problem, send a polite reply back explaining that you don't understand the question, and ask for additional details.
  • Questions that are seen often should be added to the FAQ.
  • If a reply contains a link to a wiki page, use the most simple URL as possible. All information after and including the ? in an address to a wiki page can be safely removed. For example, the first URL is preferable to the second URL below:

* Not being able to read a particular mail is no excuse for not answering the mail.

    Some of us use mail tools that have difficulty displaying mails that contain unusual characters, e.g. Chinese or Korean characters. If your mail tool cannot display such mails, then you must find an alternative method for reading and replying to the mail. Possible solutions: check the [[|archives]] for the mailing list to see if it contains a readable version of the mail, or ask another project member forward a readable version of the mail to you.
  • Some users have a tendency to send mails to or to reply to our personal email addresses. Rather than answering these questions directly, and thereby encouraging the users to continue to contact us directly, reply immediately to the mail and have them send their question to the support mailing list.
  • Some bug reports should be handled as support questions since they are hardware specific or lacking sufficient detail, and therefore impossible for us to reproduce. See, for example, bug #1043. If the person who reported the problem is contacted, the date when the email is sent should be noted in the bug report. The text ”[SUPPORT]” should also be added to the short description of the bug in order to make it clear that the submitter was contacted. If we do not receive a reply within 2 months, then the status of the bug should be changed to “Unable to reproduce”.


The current support staff is responsible for answering all e-mails that are sent to the CPN Tools support mailing list.

The current support staff are always members of the current file:people work group. The current support staff will be changed every 1-2 months. All members of the people work group must take turns as an active member of the current support staff.

  • - Current Support Staff —

Nov-Dec 2004: file:ahj Anders

  • - Tours of Duty —

Who has already done tour(s) of duty as current support staff



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