Much of this information is internal documentation. Care has not been made to make links work and make the documentation conprehensible for outsiders.

The CVS repository, cpn2000, contains three major versions of the tool.
One is the most current version, of which most files are in the cpnet, cpntools, document and framework directories.
Another version is the 'old' development track, residing mainly in the editor directory.
The third version is a tagged version of the 'old' CPN/Tools, frozen at the time of the santa-release. This version can be used for demos, as it is the most stable one, and it shows the tool as it was around the beginning of March (2000).
To check out the santa version, do the following:

  • Go to the directory where you want the santa version to be
  • Type this command: cvs -d ariel:/users/beta/.CVSHOME get -r
    • santa-bugfix -d <your name for the santa dir> cpn2000**

  • Now you'll get the santa version in the

your name for the santa dir directory

The -d ariel:/users/beta/.CVSHOME is only necessary if you cannot see the CVSROOT from where you are, but it never harms to include it.