Large Integer color sets

NOTE: This type is introduced in CPN Tools 3.5.5.

Large Integers are numerals without a decimal point and no upper limit. The large integer color set is large unless restricted by the with clause, in which case it is small.

Declaration syntax

colset name = intinf [with int-exp1int-exp2];


usual ordering of integers

Optional ''with'' clause

Restricts the integer color set to an interval determined by the two expressions in int-exp1 and int-exp2. It must be the case that int-exp1<=int-exp2.

Declaration examples

colset INTINF = intinf;

colset SmalLargelInt = intinf with 1..10;

var smalllargeInt : SmallLargeInt;

The CPN variable smallInt may have a range of integer values from 1 to 10. For example, 2 is a legal value, but 11 is not and 2.9 is not.


negation of the integer value i
i1 + i2
i1 - i2
i1 * i2
i1 div i2
division, quotient
i1 mod i2
modulus, remainder
abs i
absolute value of i
minimum of i1 and i2
maximum of i1 and i2

See also color set functions.

For additional details and functions see the INTINF signature in the SML Basis Library Manual.

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