Record color sets

A fixed-length color set whose set of values is identical to the Cartesian product of the values in previously declared color sets. Each of the component color sets may be a different type and each is identified by a unique label so that each field is position-independent.

Declaration Syntax

colset name = record id1:name1 * id2:name2 * … * idn:namen;


lexicographic (with respect to ordering of base color sets)


{id1=v1, id2=v2, …, idn=vn}

Declaration examples

colset PACK = record se:SITES * re:SITES * no:INT;

A record color set is used in the example CP-net for the Ring protocol example.


#idi rec
extract the idi element from the record rec
omit field in record (not allowed in CPN inscriptions)

See also color set functions.

If you have declared a record color set with 10 or more components, please read about the Declare clause.

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