Create a monitor

The Monitoring tools are used to create monitors.

Monitoring tools

Each tool cell in the Monitoring tool palette creates a different kind of monitor; see the Palette tools page if you are unsure about how to work with palettes.

To create a monitor, select the desired kind of monitor, e.g. a write-in-file monitor, and apply the tool to the subnet to be monitored.

Create monitor

Some monitors can only be added to certain kinds of subnets. For example, a Marking Size monitor can only be added to a single place.

Other kinds of monitors can be added to any kind of subnet, such as:

  • A single place or transition
  • Elements in a group
  • Elements in a global group
  • No places or transitions (in which case the tool should be applied to the name of the net in the index)

When a monitor is created, it will be added to the index as the last entry under the Monitors entry in the overview of the net.

New monitor in index

The first line of the new index entry is the name of the monitor. A default name will be suggested, but the name can be changed. The name of a monitor must fulfill the requirements described under Naming policy.

After creating a monitor, it is possible to Edit a monitor.

A new monitor will not be created if one of the Monitoring tools is applied to a node that either has an error or is unchecked. For example a monitor will not be created, if one of the monitoring tools is applied to the place A or the transition Send_Packet in the figure below.

Node with error

When a monitor is created for a (global) group, it is not important that the group contains arcs or inscriptions. If a monitor is created for the group below, then the monitor will be able to examine all of the variables on the arcs surrounding the transitions, even though the inscriptions are not included in the group.

Group without inscriptions

Clone monitors

Monitors can also be created by cloning existing monitors. To clone a monitor, apply the Clone monitor entry in the Monitor name marking menu to the name of a monitor in the index.

Clone a monitor

Create monitor block

To create a monitor block, apply the New block tool from the Monitors marking menu to either the Monitors index entry, or to an index entry under the Monitors entry.

Create monitor block

A new monitor block will be added to the index. The monitor block will have a default name that can be changed.

Newly created monitor block

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