Simulator functions

General functions

Returns the current step number as an intinf
RealToIntInf d r
Converts the real value r to an with d digits after the decimal point
IntInfToReal d ii
Converts the value ii to an real with d digits after the decimal point
CPN'Replications.nreplications n
Runs n Simulation replications for n>1

Functions in timed simulations

The type of model time is infinite integer ('''' in SML Basis Library) or reals (depending on model options).

Returns the current model time (as an infinite integer) in timed CPNs
ModelTime.toString t
Converts model time value t to a string
ModelTime.fromString st
Converts a string representation of an integer st to a time value, i.e. an infinite integer
ModelTime.fromInt i
Converts an integer i into a time value.
Adds the two time values t1 and t2
Subtracts the time value t2 from t1
Multiplies the two time values t1 and t2,t2)
Less than function for time values
Comparison function for time values t1 and t2 that returns an SML order value, e.g. LESS, GREATER or EQUAL
ModelTime.col cts
Returns the color value of cts which is a color value paired with a time stamp