• Fix the contains_all function.
  • Make CPN Tools monitors play nicer when running the simulator on another computer.


  • Fix DTD location in saved files.
  • Add HomePredicate state space query function.
  • Fix bug when single-stepping thru hierarchical model.


  • Fix crash when deleting place with a current marking.
  • Significantly smaller download.


  • Fix for guards containing record accessors.
  • Fix problem entering state-space tool when a union color set used an element no (like colset NO = with no).
  • Save debug information correctly.
  • Safe mode, which avoids using accelerated graphics, making CPN Tools play much nicer with (at least) Parallels Desktop for Mac OS X.


  • New simulator which is up to twice as fast for both simulation and state-space analysis.
  • Improved support for modern computing environments, especially 64-bit Windows and running under virtual machines.
  • Support for transition priorities.
  • Support for real values in time stamps.
  • Numerous bug-fixes.
  • Drop support for GUI on Windows, introduce support for simulator on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.