• Expose random number generator structure RandomValues, which allows users to reset the random number generator to make reproducible experiments.
  • Make Random distribution functions use same seed as standard random number generator.
  • Add Gamma and Beta distributions.
  • Fix a bug which caused instances of the first enabled transition instance to have slightly higher probability of being chosen and instances of the last slightly lower when using global binding element fairness. Especially visible if you have just two transitions with one enabled binding, where one would be starved if the other was always enabled.
  • When using global binding element fairness, sometimes the transition would appear more than once in the simulation report.


  • Fix bug with real time stamps.


  • New notions of fairness available as an option.
  • Simulation is 10%-15% faster.
  • CPN Tools is now open source.
  • Bugfixes.
  • Breaks compatibility with the BRITNeY Suite. Support will most like not be reintroduced. We advise using Access/CPN instead.