• Added the Rayleigh distribution.
  • Bugfixes


  • Fix regression in discrete so the upper bound was never returned.


  • In the 3.2 series the alias sort was introduced for color or colset in declarations; this however broke function using a sort function, and so has been reverted.


  • Names with parentheses gave wrong output when exported to EPS.
  • Improved error reporting when computing state space.
  • Reduced download size from 30 MiB to 16 MiB by moving Mac OS X and Linux to on-demand downloaded packages.
  • Fixed regression in 3.3.0 breaking (at least) timed color sets.
  • Fix for (at least some) problems with paths containing non-ASCII characters.


  • Fix error reporting for declarations
  • Use new experimental feature of SML/NJ which provides improved error messages.
  • Fixed bug sometimes causing the first declaration to appear unchecked (and having some consequences when making certain edits). If you haven't encountered any obscure problems, this did not affect you.