This model is contributed by Dmitry Zaitsev. We list models without going thru them in too much detail, so listing does not imply that we endorse them or any papers listed, only that we provide them as inspiration.

The model of a given Bluetooth network is composed of submodels of the master and slave devices. The process of AMA reallocation is modeled as well as the data transmitting via ether. Static allocation of PMA is employed.

The model is described in

Bereznyuk M.V., Gupta K.K., Zaitsev D.A.: “Effectiveness of Bluetooth Address Space Usage” In Proceedings of 20th International Conference, Software & Systems Engineering and their Applications, 4-6 December 2007.

If you use this model for your research, please cite the above paper

The model is used for the evaluating the Bluetooth networks efficiency. It was shown that the process of AMA addresses swapping leads to the considerable decrease of the effective productivity. The anomaly of the information exchange slipping under big number of slave devices was observed.


Simple protocol example

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