This is a small toy example which is well-suited as an introduction to occurrence graphs. The analysis of the occurrence graph is described in great detail.

The CPN model describes the communication between a set of data base managers in a distributed system. The model is identical to the Distributed database presented in Introductory Examples (which we recommend to study before this example).

The example is taken from Sect. 1.5 of

K. Jensen. Coloured Petri Nets: Basic Concepts, Analysis Methods and Practical Use, Monographs on Theoretical Computer Science, vol. 2:Analysis Methods. Springer-Verlag, Berlin (1997).

Documentation on the state space tool can be found here.

The files for this net can be found in a subdir of cpntools called Samples\\DistributedDataBase.

The files are

Distributed database example
Ring protocol example

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