This model is contributed by Dmitry Zaitsev. We list models without going thru them in too much detail, so listing does not imply that we endorse them or any papers listed, only that we provide them as inspiration.

The model of a given network is composed of submodels of Ethernet switches, workstations and servers. It reflects the process of frames delivery by switches using the address table and the forwarding procedure.

Zaitsev D.A: “Switched LAN simulation by colored Petri nets” In volume 65(3) of Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, page 245-249, 2004.

If you use this model for your research, please cite the above paper.

The model is used for the evaluating network response time directly during the process of simulation. The special submodel of measuring workstation calculates the individual response times for each query and the average network response time. The model is devised for the developing real-time systems and was applied on railway dispatcher center.



Ethernet Network Parametric Models
Ensemble Coordination for Discrete Event Control

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