Errors during syntax check

Errors can occur if any of the Hierarchy tools are applied while portions of a net are being syntax checked. It is highly recommended that you do not apply hierarchy tools while there are any yellow highlights on places, arcs, transitions, pages, or net names.

Highlight during syntax check

Highlight during syntax check

Similar problems can occur if hierarchical constructions are cloned during syntax checking. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do not clone hierarchical constructions during syntax checking.

Errors during construction

Providing simultaneous support for both incremental syntax checking and construction of hierarchical nets is quite complicated.

If you encounter error messages regarding

  • Mismatch in fusion group color sets,
  • Mismatch in fusion group initial marking,
  • Internal Error, or
  • Exception when getting marking or calculating enabling

while you are constructing hierarchical nets, it is highly recommended that you try to fix any obvious errors, such as unassigned ports or missing color set inscriptions, then save the net, and then reload the net. Such error messages almost always disappear after the net has been reloaded.

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