Clone Element

Clone Element

Clone Element

Clone Element

Clone an element

  • Apply the tool to an element, or select the Clone entry from the element’s marking menu.
  • The selected element is cloned; that is, a new element with the same attributes as the original one is put into the hand as a tool. If the selected element is an element in a group, then all of the elements in the group are cloned.
  • Apply the tool to an appropriate object to clone the element. For example, if the cloned element is a place, the tool must be applied to a page, and if the cloned element is a guard, it can only be applied to a transition.
  • To stop cloning, drop the tool by either clicking on the clone tool again, by selecting the Drop tool entry from the workspace marking menu, or by pressing the ESC key.

Clone a group

  • Apply the tool to a group tab (at the bottom of a page).
  • A new group is automatically added to the page to which the cloned group belongs, and the new group contains the same elements as the currently selected group.

Clone a page or monitor

Clone graphical attributes

Additional information

The clone tool will normally be named after the element that is targeted. For example, the clone entry in the marking menu of a place is called Clone Place. For more information, see Cloning.

This tool is available through:

Delete element
Cycle arc

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