Redo can only be applied to commands that have been undone using the Undo tool. The names of commands that can be redone are dimmed in the History.

To redo one or more commands that have been undone:

  • Select the Redo entry in one of the marking menus
  • The effect of applying the tool depends on where the tool is applied:
  • If the tool is applied to a command in the History that has been undone, then a sequence of commands will be redone. The sequence starts at the oldest command that can be undone and ends at the command to which the tool was applied.
  • If the tool is applied anywhere else, only the last command that was undone will be executed again.

If there are no commands that have been undone in the History list, then nothing will happen when the tool is applied.

This tool is available through:

New block
Re-evaluate decl

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