Replace by subpage

Replace by subpage

Has the reverse effect of move to subpage.

  • Apply the tool to a substitution transition or a subpage tag
  • All element on the subpage will be moved to the page of the substitution transition
  • The substitution transition will be deleted
  • The subpage will be deleted
  • Assigned ports and sockets will be merged into a single place
  • A new group with the elements previous on the subpage will be created

The tool can also be applied to the index representation of the subpage, and the pagetab or sheet of the subpage.

To replace more than one substitution transition with its subpage a group can be created. Replace by subpage will work on all substitution transitions in the group. The tool can also be applied to a net to replace all substitution transitions with their subpage.

This tool is accessible through:

Move to subpage
Set subpage

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