Calculate state space

Calculate state space

This tool calculates the state space of a CPN:

  • After successfully applying the Enter state space tool to a net, apply the Calculate state space tool to a sheet containing a page from the same net.
  • A status bubble appears, indicating whether the calculation succeeded or failed. For more information about status bubbles, see graphical feedback.
  • Position the mouse cursor on top of the status bubble to see, for example, generation statistics or an error message.

This tool is accessible through:


The options for the Calculate state space tool allow you to determine when the calculation of a state space stops. To change the options, open the CalcSS index entry, which is under the Statespace index entry, which in turn is under the Tool box index entry.

Calculate State Space Options

Calculate State Space Options

To edit integer options, click on them in the index to activate text edit, and change them to the desired values.

To edit predicates, either drag them to the workspace and edit them in a text sheet or edit the text in the appropriate index entry.

For more information about stop and branching options, we refer to the state space tool manual.

Enter state space
Calculate SCC graph

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