Enter SS

Enter SS

Enters the state space tool after generating net-specific code.

  • Make sure that the net does not have any syntactical errors. Syntactical errors are identified during syntax checking.
  • Make sure all places, transitions, and pages in the net have unique, non-empty ML names. For more information about ML names see the naming policy. Places and transitions with non-unique ML names will be identified during syntax checking.
  • Apply the tool to a sheet containing a page from the net.
  • A status bubble appears, indicating whether the operation succeeded or failed. For more information about status bubbles, see Graphical Feedback. Also if there was any active SS-Elements e.g. SS-nodes or SS-arcs these will die!
  • Position the mouse cursor on top of the status bubble to see, e.g., an error message, if the operation failed.

This tool is accessible through:

Calculate state space

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