Text editing is used to change inscriptions, declarations, page names, net names, group names, options, tool options, etc.

Enter text-edit mode

To enter text edit mode, simply click on the text. If you have a tool in the hand, use the long click. A reddish color indicates that all text is selected. Type to replace the selected text.

Active text edit in declaration

After clicking on an empty text, e.g. on a place with no name, the cursor will change to a blinking crossbar.

Active text edit on place

Editing an empty text

Leave text-edit mode

To leave text-edit mode, click somewhere outside the text, or press the ESC key on the keyboard.

Editing text

Text can be edited after entering text-edit mode.

To insert new text within existing text, click on the text to position the cursor in a specific part of the text.

Cursor positioned for inserting text

Cursor positioned for inserting text

A subtext can be selected by pressing the left mouse button at one end of the subtext, dragging the cursor to the other end of the subtext, and then releasing the mouse button. Type to replace the selected text.

Subtext selected

Subtext selected

Cut, copy, and paste

Text can be copied and pasted using keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl-c will copy the selected text.
  • Ctrl-x will cut the selected text.
  • Ctrl-v will paste the text that was most recently copied or cut.

Text can be copied, cut, and pasted within CPN Tools and between CPN Tools and other programs. For example, you can copy a text from another text editor (using any of the copy commands available in the text editor),

Copy text from external program

Copy text from external program

enter text-edit mode in CPN Tools…

Select a text

Select a text

and paste the copied text using Ctrl-v.

After pasting the text

After pasting the text

Navigating within a text

The cursor can be moved within a text by:

  • Using the left, right, up and down arrow keys on the keyboard
  • Using the Home and End keys on the keyboard
  • Clicking with the mouse to choose a specific position

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