A simulation report is a text file that contains information regarding the transitions that occur during a simulation.

Simulation reports for a given net are saved in simulation output directories as determined by Output management. The location of simulation output directories is determined, in part, by the output option in the net overview of the net. Simulation reports are saved by default as <sim-output-dir>\\simrep-x.txt where x is a number that is increased each time a simulation report is added to the directory.

If the simulation output directory cannot be found or created, then an error will be reported.

Error creating simulation report

Error creating simulation report

Save report

A simulation report will be created only if the “Save Report” option is checked. Click the check box next to the Save Report entry, if it is not already checked.

Save Simple Simulation Report

Save Simple Simulation Report

When the Save Report option is checked, transition names are recorded in the simulation report. For each simulation step, a line is stored whose syntax is:

step time TransitionName @ (Instance:PageName)

An example of a simulation report can be found below.

Save bindings

A more detailed simulation report will be saved if the Save Bindings entry is also checked.

Save Detailed Simulation Report

Save Detailed Simulation Report

In this case, bindings of variables are also saved in the simulation report. For each simulation step, a line for each variable of the transition is stored. The syntax of the line is:

variable = value


The following is an example of a simulation report for the Resource Allocation system, which is one of the Example nets. The simulation report contains, among other things, information about the first four steps of the simulation.

CPN Tools simulation report for:
C:\Program Files\CPN Tools\Samples\ResourceAllocation\ResourceAllocation.cpn
Report generated: Fri Jan 27 10:12:48 2006

1 0 T2 @ (1:Top)
2 0 T1 @ (1:Top)
3 0 T3 @ (1:Top)
– i = 0
– x = p
4 0 T4 @ (1:Top)
– i = 0
– x = p

The second line shows the path to the net file. The third line shows the time at which the report was created. The fifth line specifies that in Step 1, a transition named T2 occurred on instance 1 of page Top. Similarly, a transition named T1 on the same page occurred in Step 2. The seventh line indicates that transition T3 (also on the same page) occurred in Step 3. Moreover, when transition T3 occurred, the variable i was bound to 0, and the variable x was bound to p.

The simulation report was generated as follows:

  • The Resource_Allocation net was loaded.
  • The Save Report entry under Options was checked.
  • Two simulation steps were executed.
  • The Save Bindings entry under Options was checked.
  • Two additional simulation steps were executed.

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