User-defined monitors can be used for any purpose that is not covered by the other kinds of Monitors. For example, a user-defined monitor could be used for external communication with Comms/CPN. User-defined monitors are extremely flexible, but they require that the user must write the appropriate monitoring functions.

To create such a monitor, apply the Create user-defined monitor tool to an appropriate target. After the tool has been applied, a monitor will be added to the index, and some monitor template code will be generated for the user-defined monitoring functions. There will be syntax error in some of the template code that it generated, and the red highlighting of the errors should help to remind the user that the template code must be modified.

Creating a user-defined monitor

Creating a user-defined monitor

A default name for the monitor will be suggested, and the name can be changed.

Examples of user-defined monitors can be found in the Example nets for the monitored dining philosophers example net and the Queue system example net.

A user-defined monitor will not be deleted if any of the associated nodes are deleted. However, if an associated node is deleted, it is likely that there will be errors in the monitor.

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