The model has the same structure for any given PBB network. It evaluates the maximal and average network response time on-fly. The network topology is inputted as a value of dedicated constant together with other parameters such as addresses of various types of terminal and communication equipment their performance and the number of ports.

Reenterable models are devised for model-driven design of networks.

Dmitry A. Zaitsev, Tatiana R. Shmeleva, and Anatoly I. Sleptsov, “Reenterable Colored Petri Net Models of Networks, Grids, and Clouds: Case Study for Provider Backbone Bridge,” Proceedings of 26th Telecommunications Forum (TELFOR), Belgrade, Serbia, November, 20-21, 2018.

The zipped folder containing the model (reen-pbb.cpn)

Reenterable Model of Rectangular Communication Grid with Cut-through Nodes