CPN Tools is free software; see here for licensing information.

It should be straight-forward to install CPN Tools; otherwise, read the help pages.

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 Linux/Mac OS X

We recommend you to download the latest stable Windows version of CPN Tools and run it using a virtual machine. See instructions for doing this on a Mac here (the instructions for doing so on Linux should be similar). You can also run CPN Tools using Wine. For more information see here (we have not tested this) or here.

Linux users can also download an older version of CPN Tools, but these versions are not maintained any longer.

Download Linux Version 2.3.5

Download Linux Version 2.2.0





Source We do not make source releases of CPN Tools, but we provide open access to the Subversion repositories hosting the source. Please first review the license for CPN Tools, the CPN simulator and Access/CPN.

Important: We do not provide support for the GUI component at all! We only provide limited support for the Simulator component (so you have to put in an honest effort yourself). Check the Source Documentation to get started.

If you agree to the licenses, you can obtain CPN Tools at

Component Repository Location License When to use
GUI GPL If you want to change the CPN Tools GUI
Simulator BSD/GPL If you want to look at an advanced CPN simulator, modify it, or use it for your own tool development
Access/CPN LGPL If you want to use the CPN simulator from within Java without the hassle of setting up communication yourself
Grade/CPN GPL If you want to use CPN Tools in teaching and want a tool to help you grading assignments