Welcome to the CPN Tools feedback pages! We would love to hear which features you would like to see incorporated into CPN Tools the most. Please be as specific as possible – feel free to add mock-ups, use cases, etc. Don’t just write “this or that doesn’t work” or “make it faster.” Also, this is not for bug reports. For this, go here.

Below, you can add your own idea or vote for an existing one. The form will automatically suggest existing ideas if your idea is similar to another. It is much better to vote for an existing idea than adding a duplicate, as this may split the votes for a good idea into two unrelated ones making it difficult to get on top.

We use the total number of votes to prioritize what to focus on. We also take the amount of time to implement each feature into account, so a popular feature which is very time consuming may be ignored while a features moderately popular feature that is easy to add may take priority.

You get 10 votes and can use them as you wish, adding 1, 2, or 3 votes for a feature. When your votes are up, they are up, but you get votes back when an idea is implemented or permanently rejected. You can also remove votes by hovering your mouse above a vote.




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Bug Reports
Modeling Business Processes

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