August 22, 2012

Jair shared this idea

Implements a display with a clock, when someone execute forward steps, for example if you execute 500000 steps, display says: “Execution time 00:01:05”

Michael Westergaard (Code and Support Guy, CPN Tools) commented

Do you mean the display should show the wall-clock time used to perform the simulation or that it should display some interpretation of the model-time?

The first could be done by adding a message to the status bubble at the lower-left corner (and make it persist).

The latter would require users to input the interpretation (e.g., 1 time unit = one second or one millisecond)

Jair commented

Yes, I mean show a wall-clock time used to perform the simulation. For example if execution time takes 1 , 5 or 10 minutes, this is shown on the status bubble or another display.

August 23, 2012


Goes in 3.5.1;

For Calc SS:

Test environment for extensions
Transition fusion/channels

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