Did you encounter a problem when using CPN Tools or do you want to report a bug? The following Petri net specifies what and how to do. To actually execute a suggested task, you can click on the respective transition. If you prefer a textual description, please scroll past the figure.

NOTE: We no longer provide support for any version of CPN Tools prior to 3.4 and operating systems other than Windows 7 and newer!


You have a question

To ease our work and, in particular, to avoid unnecessary support requests, follow the subsequent procedure:

  1. Check our knowledge base whether your question has been answered.
  2. Search our help pages for an answer to your question. You can also use the index.
  3. If the previous steps did not succeed, use the support form. Don’t forget to select whether it is a support question or a bug report. Provide the following information:
    • version of CPN Tools and Windows used (CPN Tools >= 3.4; Windows only, Windows >= 7);
    • exact steps leading up to the problem (be very detailed and explicit, do not assume we can guess which steps you took, and do not leave things out because you do think they are irrelevant);
    • what happened and what did you expect to happen (do not forget the latter);
    • applicable models (note that the list is private, and we do not divulge any received models);
    • cpntools.dump file if CPN Tools crashes, also attach the cpntools.dump file produced in the same directory as your model;
    • screen shots if they help; and
    • any other useful details don’t try to filter out what is important – we’re probably better at judging what helps us than you are.
  4. You can also suggest new features using the form at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: We try getting back to you as soon as possible, it may take up to 5 business days or even more during busy periods or vacation (late June-August + last half of December). Resending mails is strongly discouraged unless more than 10 business days have passed outside of the vacation season.

Sending mails to individual team-members is strongly discouraged. It will not yield you priority support (quite the contrary, actually). Only mail team-members directly if directly prompted to. Also, don’t request “immediate” or “quick” answers. We answer all requests as fast as we can, though sometimes it may take time. We will postpone such requests and repeat offenders will get ignored.



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