January 23, 2013

Massimiliano de Leoni shared this idea

NOTE by Michael: 1 is possible and not part of this feature.

  1. Possibility to copy and cut-and-paste pieces of CPN models. Currently, only single transitions can be cloned
  2. Making the debug easier. When a simulation throws an error, it would make the life much easier to know the firing of which transition caused the error along with the variables’ binding used

Michael Westergaard (Code and Support Guy, CPN Tools) commented

  1. It is not always possible, but sometimes it could be… I’ll change the title to reflect that.

Massimiliano de Leoni commented

Thanks about point 1.

I was not aware of it because I was expected the usual way of copying as in other applications for Windows.

September 5, 2013

Michael Westergaard (Code and Support Guy, CPN Tools) responded

Under review

Reopened as 4 goes out soon

Support for multi-set variables
Model statistics

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