This model is contributed by Dmitry Zaitsev. We list models without going thru them in too much detail, so listing does not imply that we endorse them or any papers listed, only that we provide them as inspiration.

The model of a given E6 network is composed of E6 switching-router (SRE6) submodels supplied with traffic generators. SRE6 model contains submodels of ports and routing procedures: SRE6port, RIPprocess, RIPupdate. Complex recursive functions are used to describe procedures of routing information processing. Routing tables are created and updated automatically.

The model is described in

Guliaiev K.D., Zaitsev D.A.: “Simulating E6 Networks Dynamic Routing” In 9th International Workshop on Performability Modeling of Computer and Communication Systems, September 17-18, 2009.

If you use this model for your research, please cite the above paper.

The model is devised for the evaluating E6 networks efficiency and developing E6 dynamic routing distance-vector protocols (analog to IP RIP). Special technique is applied for the periodical turning off the devices to investigate the adaptation abilities of E6RIP to varying network structure and its parameters choice. The model could be applied at the dynamic routing protocols design and optimal choice of their parameters.



Edge Router Discovery Protocol
Dynamic MANET On-demand Routing Protocol

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