A union color set is a disjoint union of previously declared color sets.

Declaration Syntax

colset name = union id1[:name1] + id2[:name2] + … + idn[:namen];

If namei is omitted then idi is treated as a new value, and it can be referred to simply as idi.


first after selectors, then after ordering of each base color set


idi v


where v has type namei.

Declaration examples

colset Data = string with “A”..”z” and 0..8;

colset Packet = union DATA:Data + ACK;

var packet : Packet;

The CPN variable packet may have values of the form ACK , DATA(str), or DATA str where str is a string containing only letters and has length up to 8. For example, ACK, DATA("contents"), and DATA "contents' are legal values, but ACK("okay"), DATA("abc123") and DATA are not.


See also color set functions.


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