Exceptions may be raised during syntax checking, code generation, simulation, or state space analysis. As CPN ML builds on top of Standard ML, we distinguish between exceptions that are declared as part of CPN ML and Standard ML exceptions.

CPN ML exceptions

The following exceptions are declared as part of CPN ML.

A serious error has occurred if an InternalError exception is not handled by CPN Tools. If you encounter an InternalError exception (or an exception that has a name that starts with CPN'), please submit a bug report. Please include the net that caused the problem, and include a description of the situation that led to the exception.

Standard ML exceptions

The following Standard ML exceptions may also be raised when editing, simulating or analyzing a CP-net:

  • Bind
  • Chr
  • Div
  • Domain
  • Empty
  • Match
  • Option
  • Overflow
  • Size
  • Span
  • Subscript

For details about these exceptions see the General structure in the SML Basis Library.

Additional SML exceptions are described in various other signatures and structures that are documented in the SML Basis Library.

Syntax checking

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